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Kenapa saya pilih trading sebagai punca pendapatan utama?

Investing might be confusing especially when you are newbie. I was a beginner like you once and I want to provide you good information about trading and investing so that you will be guided well with confidence.

Having used this method myself, I can say that it is an excellent method of generating unlimited income.

Trading is a fascinating way to make money. As most people know, this is not something you want to do to ‘get rich quick’. Even Warren Buffet recommended that beginners read books on the subject. In this article I will list 5 of my favorite books related to the topic of trading and investing, and I hope they will be beneficial in helping you improve your investing skills.

I'm Gero Azrul

Today I have decided to write a blog post about my experience and my attitude towards trading and investing. Many people ask me what is the secret of my success, so here I am.

The only way to grow income exponentially is through mastering trading and investing.

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