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Forex Challenge

Have you been trading for a while and feel like you’ve hit a plateau?

Are you looking to trade on a higher level with more confidence?

Then this challenge is for you! This Myfxbook Challenge is suitable for two main groups:

Zero Knows Nothing About Trading

You are also suitable because you can continue trading with the right guidance. You will be given a step-by-step action plan to start and continue to be consistent for the next 3 months!

Already trading

To those who have already traded, you are the right person because this will increase the scale for the next level up from various angles, experience and also exponential income that will help to reach a higher and skilled level.


The reward given is an additional account will be “Hooked” to your challenge account and Coach Gero himself will give the terms and conditions and announce the winner for the TOP Participants who participate in this program.

How to be a Top Participant?

To become a Top account participant you need to be in a positive profit and be consistent within a period of 6 months.

Trading methods that are low risk and consistent will be the main point in finding winners compared to high risk and high return that cannot guarantee “Long Term Sustainability”.

Need to understand and be able to explain the trading done during the Myfxbook Challenge.

RTFTT Mastery Retreat

Every Quarter starting January 2023 Road To FTT will hold an RTFTT Mastery

Retreat at:

  • Phuket – Thailand
  • Bali – Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Kashmir – Pakistan

Road To FTT will hold a meeting every Quarter to be together with the community and discuss the “Next Step” and how to scale towards Financial Freedom.

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